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One more week to go...


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Just one more week before the upland bird season opens in Taxachusetts !! (Oct 15th) All my 20 guauge shotguns have been cleaned and oiled. My little Monty with the short stock is first up and I have extra 7.5 shells from Wally World cause this is going to be a great season. :D Anybody else as excited as me? I've even pinpointed a new location where a pocket of Grouse have been hanging out. ;)

Mid-season might switch over to the .410 Remy 1100 during the week because it's so much fun. Last year got 2 doubles on Quail on 2 consecutive days with that semi-auto .410, but Saturdays belong to the small Monty.

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I'm painfully happy for you SgtCathy. I too know the joy, excitement and anticipation of longing for opening day of Grouse season, but alas, I haven't heard nor seen ones startling and thrilling wing beats since moving to the mid-west. I have discovered, much to my delight, excellent Dove shooting here. Nothing can ever compare to knocking a Ruff from the air with a shotgun, but trying to shoot a rocketing aerobatic little trickster while in flight has become a very close second for me now.

I wish you all the joy, success and thrill that pursuing the king of the hardwoods have to offer.


We will be on the Cape in Harwichport, Lord willing, the second week of November celebration my grandmothers 105th birthday.

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