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Mesa Tactical Stock


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After reading another post on the subject I still have a few quesitons about the Mesa Tactical Urbino stock.


1.) Another member said that a lot of people would probably benefit from a shorter stock. why? (is this because the stock stock is built for people with longer arms?)


2.) someone else referenced a 'fit' by holding the shotgun with the butt in the crook of your elbow to test the fit of the stock. what is one supposed to look for when doing this to determine fit?

*when i do this the buttstock fits nicely into my elbow when my hand on the grip


3.) for reference I am 6'2", so in comparison to the average, my arms are a little longer. Is anyone else of similar arm length, and do you have the Mesa stock? how is the fit for you? are you cramped at all?


4.) I am interested in the stock primarily for the cheek riser and the limbsaver butt; in anyones opinon, are these benefits worth any inconvenience (due to fit) from the shorter stock?



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I got one with the cheek riser and limbsaver.


The think the OEM stock is too long regardless. The Mesa Tactical stock is better in just about every way.


My only problem was that the grip was not glued to the plastic properly (the glue looked cheap and literally just turned into flakes and the handle detached). I used a bunch of standard superglue to put it back together.

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