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Newbie water fowler needing some advice/knowledge...


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Just purchased a Monte 20G short stock 24" (I'm a smaller stature shooter) and will be going duck hunting for the first time. Wanted to know if anyone can help me out with the following:


1. What size hevishot duck load should I use? I've been reading #4.

2. If I use hevishot, should I purchase an aftermarket choke? I've seen both Full and IC at Cabelas. Which one?


Any other gear tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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Being a 20GA, I would at least go with a #2 shot or BB and go with the IC or Mod choke. I would not shoot steel with the full choke. Read your manual for advice chart. What is the longest you can put in a Monte 20GA? 3.5" is the longest for 12GA.


This is simply my opinion as others may tune in. I am not so familiar with the 20GA.

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Do you/have you used hevi shot in your monte? Do you use the provided chokes? Or after market?


I have only used Black Cloud and you should be fine with the provided Crio chokes. With the short barrel, you may however want to look at the extended chokes by Carlson or Patternmaster to extend the range distance of your shots. You should also always buy the 3".

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You should be just fine with the 1250fps 1-1/4oz #4 Heavy Shot Duck or Heavy Metal 1oz. Be prepared cause it ain't cheap.


Personally, in my 20ga Monte I shoot 7/8 oz 3" Winchester Xpert or Federal speed shok steel in #4 for decoying ducks with the factoty IC choke and have no problem stoning the ducks. If their ranging a bit wider 30-35yds, I'll switch to #2's and my modified tube, but I don't take shots much further than that.

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