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Benelli M1 20 ga


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1st off Hello, and welcome to the forums.



Its a great gun and you'll be very pleased with it!


Shells are respective to the game you're after as well as weather conditions and distances. I'm not sure what shell manufacturers and loads are offered locally in Romania at all and would have to say your best bet is to talk with your local sportsmen as to what they're having success with and what ,if any, regulations are specified on material and such.


Let us know what what your findings are when you get that far.


good luck

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You're welcome.. Its no problem.


Yes, Cylinder is the recomended choke for use with riflrd slugs by Benelli.


Use Sabot slugs with a rifled barrel.


I figured you would have unique shell manufacturers I just can't say one way or another as to how their particular performance will be from load to load since I don't have any experience with them.


The best way to determine which loads will perform better is to buy different loads from different manufacturers and test fire on paper targets first to get a pattern comparison of each load with each choke. With the slugs all you'll have to do is pattern each load until you find one you're happy with using the cylider choke.


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Originally posted by christianpindichi:

there's no other M1 20 ga. owners around here????

I "own" 3 of them. I bought both my sons one last year and bought myself one about a month ago. Two of them have 26" barrels and mine has a 24". They are super little guns. I haven't got to get mine out and put it through a workout, but my 12 ga M1 Super 90 is 10 years old and is tough as nails. Good luck and enjoy your gun.
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