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Magazine Assem HELP


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Help please, for a Benelli M2 Newbie.


I bought this M2 yesterday @ Sportsman Warehouse. I asked them to break it down and box it for the trip home. As they removed the magazine tube the spring and washers flew everywhere. After 3 different guys looked at it and couldn't figure out how it went back together, I told them to just box it and i would figure it out.


Please tell me the order and direction that these washers go into the magazine. Does the limiter go under the washers, between them or over them?


How would the assembly go if i left the limiter/plug out for max capacity?


These parts are not shown in the operating manual.


Any and all help will be greatly apprieciated.








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hi Scott,,,#2 Goes in first all the way towards the front,right behind #2 is #1 if you want put the limiter in if your going hunting ,,if not hunting,,ditch it and get to the spring,put the spring in next and carefully get all into the mag tube,,compress everything and start scewing it in,,wear saftey glasses or you might poke out your gooodeye---peacs to ya :cool:

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Disk #2 is the limiter plug retainer ring. It is clearly shown in the M1 manual downloadable from Benelli's Italian site.


In use, disk #2 is pushed in slightly and angled so that the 'wings' clear the lip of the tube allowing it to be slipped in and out the front of the tube. When sitting perpindicular to the tube, the wings hold the retainer in the tube against the magazine spring pressure. This retainer can thus be easily removed to allow quick insertion/removal of the limiter plug rod.

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Yes, there were pictures but they are gone now.

The assembly order is as follows: First you put the red follower down the tube followed by the spring. Next is a round disk with a hole in it. Then slip the extension tube over everything and compress the parts and screw the extension onto the shotgun.


If you wish to use the limiter you don't have to dissasemble anything. Just slide it into the hole at the end of the mag extension. The rod end goes first with the disk attached last.

Then Angle the remaing washer with wings on it and slip it into the extension tube and let it go straight so it locks the limiter in place.

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