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3 1/2" #4 steel

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anybody shoot these or know where they can be purchased?or do they even make them?im interested in shooting these for all ducks,and i know somebody will tell me not to use #4 for large ducks but all my shots are less than 35 yards.and i believe a huge sleet steel storm of pellets will kill,especially under 35 yards.

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You can get Black Cloud in #4 from anywhere that sells Black Cloud.

They are an excellent choice for medium-sized ducks such as mallards, ringnecks, gadwalls, and blacks.

I've killed mallards at 40 yards with 3" Black Cloud, so 3-1/2" should do as well or slightly better.

I also killed a deer with them and lots of geese with them.


For larger birds like Sea Ducks you should step up to #2 shot.

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When I got in to Duck hunting a few years ago I did some research before trying loads. Wanted to narrow it down a bit. Delta waterfowl tested 500 non-toxic rounds. I don't have the link any more and lost my printout, but the level 3 shells were tested from 37 - 50 yds. This isn't my opinion, this was from the over-all results that I recall..... Overall 3" shells dominated, and #3's, #4's, and #6's were the best performers, and Kent loads held the lead. Some of it had to do with their Tungsten Matrix loads, but Tungsten wasn't all that dominated.

Macks Prairiewings and Simmons Sporting goods and Rogers Sporting goods have excellent prices on waterfowl loads, 3" shells and 3.5's.

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