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tight wad turkey choke and winchester supreme #6 shot


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went out today to shoot my nova for the first time and to get it set up to shoot for turkey season. now i have had good shotguns in my time but this was amazing.loaded my first round and at 30 yards had the target of the turkey head t chest and let the first round go and took the head off the turkey target and filled up the chest part with lead. one shot and one kill. then i moved back to 35 or 36 yards and shot the 2nd shot and i missed the target completely so i was miffed as i know it;s me that causes the problem and i dropped the barrel as i was shooting and completely missed so my dad walks down adn as i am coming down he says you missed which i look athe target and shake my head and i tell him i won't miss the next one. go back to the 35 or 36 yards and this time i don't drop the barrel and my dad goes down and looks back and says if he was a turkey he would be table fare. i have never had a gun like the nova it was the first three shots out of the gun that were deadon and the miss i knew it was me. i havenever owned a gun tha ti didn't have to move it a little left or right to make it hit where it is supposed too and this gun was dead on. winchester supreme hv #6 shot and the bennelli nova 12 g and a primos tight wad turkey choke it doesn't get any better than that guys and gals and i am lovin this shotgun already lol

just wante dot pass this along to you


rob k

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