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Newbie needs help


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I've been shooting alot of handguns the last 2 years and just recently started shooting clay. I've always shot for fun in the back yard but am looking for a semi-auto over my old Winchester 1300 pump.


Trying to hit the double high/lo with a pump is difficult.


Local store pushes the Eagle II but ****, I don't even know where to start.


Is there a guide or something I can go over. Seems like Benelli has so many guns. I don't necessarily want one of those fancy over / under expensive skeet guns.


I want something I can mainly shoot trap/skeet and then take hunting in the future if I want. I do want a semi-auto but I'm clueless.



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Your going to have to really ask yourself what the gun is used for most, hunting, clays or about the same for both. Then the price will come into effect. I'm biased toward the Supersport, because that is what I shoot but I don't hunt. If waterfowl is the main thing than the SBE 2 would be a great choice. The M2 Field would be a good choice for clays and some bird hunting. The M2 also will be about $600 cheaper than a Supersport and around $3-400 less than a SBE 2. If you haven't allready, go to the Benelli web site And look at these options. The Benelli American Series is another less expensive option. The MSRP prices on their web site are usually a couple hundred dollars or more higher than actual retail.

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