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All purpose shotgun


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My son will be 16 and is interested in shooting and hunting, not much experience sofar. I have a great deal of experience as a teenager and young adult primarily duck hunting but not much in the last 25 years. My only shotgun is a 12-gauge 870. I am looking for him an all-purpose shotgun in the Benelli line. We'll start out with skeet and probably a 12-gauge. Beyond that I want something versatile if that's possible, game birds and maybe duck/geese. No great preference for semi-auto vs. pump but kindof old fashioned for the traditional wood stock etc. Went to local gun-shop but too many varied choices and frankly it's too busy in there. Any advice? Thanks

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The Super Nova would be a great, first, all around gun but I don't think you can get it with wood stocks. Some poeple have trouble shooting skeet, myself included, with a pump shotgun. Both the M2 Field and the Super Black EagleII are available with a walnut stock and foreend. The M2 is a little lower in price than the SBE II but doesn't shoot the 3 1/2" shells like the SBE II. If you have to have the 3 1/2" shell than it's going to be the SBE II. The Montefeltro or the Sport II are also good choices, but a little higher in price. Allthough these are more skeet and upland game guns, and neither shoot the big 3 1/2" shells. So there's some choices for you, hope this helps.

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The nova is great for everything but skeet even though I average just over 23 on the skeet field with it. It will be very frustrating for a new shooter to start on a game where O/U's and semi-auto rule. Not to mention you have cycle a 3 1/2 chamber without short stroking. Other than that, my Nova has taken down just about every upland,waterfowl, and turkey available here in IL without missing a beat.




My recommendation would be an M2 or M2 American. The montyfeltero would be good too. ( don't think I spelled that correct)

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