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Benelli M1S90 magazine tube....what do I have here?

P Henry

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I purchased this "Police Trade-in" a little while back. It is an HK-marked Benelli M1S90, AZ date code, serial number M092XXX. The barrel measures 19 5/8" and does not have a removable choke. I assumed the 7 rd magazine was OEM, but now I'm not so sure. Here are the details:


The tube holds 7 rds of Rem Long Range or Fed Low Recoil Buck, but not quite 7 rds of Federal 1325fps Buck. The latter fit, but so tightly that the carrier release won't release them. I took it apart to investigate further. I expected the mag tube to thread into the receiver, but it actually appears to thread into a short (~1") extension which is then threaded into the receiver. The long tube itself has threads in the middle for the barrel/handguard retainer and sling mount, and the muzzle end is open. Anyone know what I have? OEM or aftermarket?





TIA for the help...

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That's what mine looks like too but I've never taken the tube off the receiver so I'm not certain how it's put together. I have an older schematic that shows the tube as one piece. Who knows? If you're not having a problem with it feeding the last couple of shells out of the tube, I wouldn't worry about it. Mine's over 20 years old, gets shot regularly and have never had a problem feeding out of the magazine.

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I just want to clean it and maybe replace the spring. I'd like to look at the follower and retainer to see if I can get another 1/8" or so of space so the full-house Federal Buck will fit and feed (7 rds).


I've seen the schematic that shows just one piece, not two. Thanks for letting me know there are others like this one.

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