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Any thoughts or professional suggestions?


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So far no good. Benelli suggested turning in my R1 for examination, ( http://www.benelliusa.com/forums/ultimatebb.php/topic/5/35.html ) which is good. But service turnaround currently takes about 4-5 weeks. That’s not good.


Now, in the light of above-mentionned, I need to share some thoughts with you. I have planned for awhile to buy Browning 525 Citori Field shotgun. I love the look and feel I had when handling it the first time. The second choice is Benelli Black Eagle II. Frankly, I’ll go with my first choice if I needed just a smooth barrel shotgun, but with Black Eagle I have an option to have rifled slug barrel too and because of the one piece construction (action-barrel) it seems to be able to shoot very accurately over 100 yards. Any thoughts or professional suggestions?

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I love the 525 too.


The SBE slug gun is a fine weapon.


The current SBE slug barrel fits the SBE I & II.


3" groups are 100 yards are about the best I can do with a 2-7x32 Nikon ProStaff. A better slug shooter can prolly do better. Favored slugs for me are the Winchester Platinum Tips. Part Golds work fine too, but they are real bruisers.


If you buy the SBE as a slug gun, and then buy a regular barrel, you can use the same forearm. If not, you will have to buy a modified forearm for the slug barrel.


mudhen - CA

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Thanks. That’s a good tip. You saved me some money.

I used the Remington Copper Solid Sabot Slugs with my Rem. 870 Rifled Cantilever Barrel and had the same 3”- 4” results. I kind of hope that with the barrel type and autoloader’s less recoil it could be more accurate. So, Citori or Eagle, I guess it's just a matter of taste and choice.

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Hi Tucker, glad to see your input.

No, I’m not going to try my luck. That’s why I’m considering buying another gun now and it’s going vs. my plans to by a Citori. Now I need a universal firearm and think about a Black Eagle. Or I have to stick with my old Remington and fulfill my dream later.

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