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making a benelli r1 more accurate

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So I've searched a lot of old threads and general consensus here is the benelli R1 is a great rifle but not the most accurate. Anywhere from 1" to 2.5" groups at 100 yards. I like everything about it except the accuracy claims (and maybe the high price of magazines but I know nothing can be done about that). What if anything can be done to make it more accurate? I've already emailed rifle accuracy systems of colorado and they do work on the browning BAR and the remington 750, but not the benelli r1. From reading forums I've read the things that can and can't be done to make a rifle more accurate:


1) change trigger pull: can it be done on the R1? I've read yes it can and no it can't.

2) Floating barrel: no idea if you can do this or not

3) Heavier barrel: I'm almost sure you cannot put a heavier barrel on it.

4) Harmonic dampener like the browning BAR boss system.

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1) Yes it can. There are no adjustment screws, but a skilled smith can do wonders with files and stones.

2) No, it can't.

3) I guess it could be done, but you'd bet way better off upgrading to the FNAR or similar.

4) It's not likely to help much, but it sure can't make it much worse.


The R1 is built to be inherently inaccurate. This has been covered here numerous times.

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The R1 is built to be inherently inaccurate. This has been covered here numerous times.


I've read that lot on here. I really don't want to believe it because the gun looks great otherwise. But I need something that will be a little more accurate. There was one guy on here getting 1/2" but I'm going to say that's the exception not the rule. It seems like most people have come to accept semi autos are just not as accurate as bolt guns. However there's guns like the fnar guaranteeing less than 1" moa out of the box and most say that is pretty standard on an AR rifle. So I know it is very must possible to have bolt gun accuracy from semi auto. This leads me to believe it is more on the gun makers that know people have just come to accept semi autos are as accurate as bolt guns and therefore they don't need to spend the money making them as accurate.

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I'm probably around 1.25" groups with both my .30-06 and .300 win mag barrels on an older, standard model R1. Seems to like Hornady Interbond 165's and Federal Fusion 165's the best, but really shoots any type of premium American made ammo fine. Absolutely hates blue box federals and any Eastern Block ammo. Both calibers shoot consistently for me out of the same rifle. Plenty accurate for the type of hunting I do (hogs and black tail deer).

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