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Will the length of barrel effect pattern?

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I'm gonna buy a Benelli SuperNova soon in the APG with a 26" barrel. I've seen some pictures on the forums of really tight turkey patterns coming from supernova's with a 24" barrel. I'd get the same choke and load they were using, but do you think that getting a 26" barrel would throw off the pattern? I'm going with a 26 because I'm planning to use is for things other than just turkey, I think a 26 is more versatile.

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I think it's in the choke tube and constriction of the tube. Jelly Head in the .655 or .660 works well in my SBE II with a 24" barrel. I like the short barrel for moverability in the woods and it works for other game and sporting clays for me.


Bob in NC

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I think barrel length has some effect on velocity , which would have an effect on pattern.

I dont know enough to say and I dont really worry about it.

i do think short barrel are more finicky in the sense that slight imperfections of aiming

can have a more pronounced effect downrange.... shorter barrel means lighter gun and recoil (especially with magnum

turkey loads) can influence accuracy.

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