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Hey everyone I am a newbie here on this forum, so take it easy on me if I ask a dumb question. I just picked up my first Benelli Saturday at a gun show in Jackson ,Ms. Good price too, with my favorite…no paper trail…LOL! Don’t get your panties in a bunch if your one of those by the book guys. I am a law abiding tax paying citizen who made a legal purchase. Anyway, like I stated it is my first Benelli and I wanted to…

1) Brag about my new gun, to fellow enthusiast.

2) Want to know what is the factory choke, size/part #/Model #?

2.1) The one I got was slightly used but you could not tell looking at it or playing with it. I realized it was used because it had a choke for turkey loads in the end. I won’t be utilizing this particular choke and I need to get one that can handle slugs and buck shot in the factory barrel. I don’t hunt turkeys…I like every other red blooded American hunt zombies..LOL

Seriously though, any thoughts on the proper choke?

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There's a reason they make different interchangable chokes. It depends on what kind of shooting you're going to be doing. You said what you're NOT going to be shooting. What ARE you going to be shooting? Competition; other games; other game; home defense?? Several chokes can handle both slugs and buckshot. Some say Improved Cylinder is best all 'round, others say modified, others say something else. I say get 3 or 4 and change as needed, depending on the situation. And don't forget to pattern the gun. Shoot different loads out of different chokes to see what works best for the differing situations. If I had to pick one shotgun, one choke, one slug and one buckshot, I'd grab my M1, improved cylinder, Brenneke KO slug, Federal LE13200 low recoil OO buck. I can still shoot birdshot for skeet & small game. But since I don't have to limit myself that way, I change chokes when necessary.

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I never really thought about it that way…I will be honest; I have never been much of a shot gunner, I have always had rifles and hand guns. I do have an old Mossberg pump, but it is not a fun gun to shoot. I know what chokes are and what they do, but other than that…

I would be using this for home defense and CQB type shooting. I want something that I can use with Buckshot and if I need to, I can drop back and through a slug out to 100+ yards if I need too…So basically, I want a choke that can handle 00 Buckshot and slugs.

Thanks for the input!

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