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New sporting clays gun


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Well folks I went and did it.


As some of you might note I have been pretty good about using my M2 for clay shooting and have posted so. It has done me well for the past year and a half that I have owned it. It is an M2 Field with 28 inch barrel and a pretty nice looking wood stock.


Well this last Friday I came across a beautifull used Beretta 682 Gold Sporting with 30 inch barrels. So that is what is now going to be my dedicated sporting clays gun. The gun has been ported and talking to Seminole Gun Works, it appears that they also lengthend the forcing cones and back bored the barrels. This gun shoots sweet. Of all of the O/U's that I have tried, this one kicks less than My M2. The only gun that kick less are the Beretta 390's and 391's which I have also tried.


So my good buddy M2 is going to get a needed break untill the next hunting season. This gun has been going through about 3 flats a month plus registered birds with out a hick up. For hunting it has gotten me 14 pheasants, 3 Canadian Geese, 1 Pintail Drake, 1 Mallard Drake and now 2 Chuckar. So I have no complaints about it. It is a great gun. And no it wont be for sale.


The only issue that I had was when I started looking into fitting and other stock options, most of the quality shops said that I would probably not be happy as all the added weight or extra work could cause it to not be as reliable for cycling. That is the only reason for the O/U. These same issues are probably true for the Sports and the Cordoba as well.


To all of ya, especially Tucker and Mudhen, thanks for all of the great information. I will still be here but maybe not quite as much as before.


Mike :D

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Originally posted by mudhen:

Ok, but can you get an O/U slug barrel for that gun?


Does in come in camo?


Does the safety make too much noise?




mudhen - CA

1) No. Why do I need a slug barrel for a duck gun?

I don't hunt anything that would require a slug.


It is chambered for 3 inch shells though.


2) If needed it could be camoed. But why. I

never hunted with a camoed gun in the past so

why would I start now?


3) The safety is extremely quiet. I can also

change to different choke first at the flip of

another quiet switch. Can you??


An old navy joke that has to do with the Blue Angels goes something like this:


As they aproached a 4 engine transport they decided to have some fun with the pilot of it. They did a whole bunch of aerobatic manuvers that the transport could not. At the end of each maneuver they would ask the pilot if he could do that. His response was alway a quiet no.


When they were all done showing off, the transport pilot reached up to the console and shut down 2 of the 4 engines. Then the transport pilot asked the Blue Angels if they could do that. Only silence answered the trandport pilot.


Thanks for all of the good information though and I will continue to look to ya for the "Correct" answers.


have a good week.


Mike :D

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