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Benelli SBE II barrel question

Bill Kemp

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I know this is a silly question but I thought I would ask it anyway.


I have a SBEII turkey gun in the advantage timber pattern and just love it. I would like to get a 20 guage 24" M2 for my son and daughter to start to turkey hunt with but cannot seem to find one.


Does anyone have a Benelli 20 Guage in Advantage Timber that they would like to sell.




Here is the dumb question. Could I buy a separate 20 guage barrel and put it on the 12 guage Benelli that I already own.


When I look at the Benelli 20 guage pictures it looks to me as though it is just a smaller barrel and I am wondering if the gun would function if I just bought the 20 guage barrel.


Thanks for any info.



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No 20 ga. for sale here.


No, you can't put a 20 ga. barrel on a 12 ga. SBE. There is no such. SBE's only come in 12. If you're asking about putting a 20 ga. M2 barrel on a 12 ga. M2 receiver, the answer is still no. Or, a 20 ga. M2 barrel on a SBE receiver. Double no.


Have you checked GunBroker? There's usually several 20 ga. M2's listed there.

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