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SBE is dry firing

Just W.

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I have had my SBE for about 4 years now & it has performed great...until lately (excluding light loads - that we all now). It has started to dry fire - the bolt is not closing fully ~ 2 or 3 out of 25 rounds, when I push the button to close the action (will at the singe shot trap shooting rang). And it has even failed to fully cycle the bolt a couple of times per 100 rounds; it makes a distinctive noise when this happens... I have been using Winchester 2 3/4" 3dr. 1 1/8 - 8 shot lately. I have tried to take it down (further then normal) to clean but I can't get the 17mm bolt off of the recoil tube, is it a normal thread or a reverse thread?

Any help would be greatly appreciated...goose season is just around the corner...

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17 mm deep socket I think?


I started taking the nut off and cleaning the spring area 12 years ago. I also made a cleaning device by wrapping steel wool in a 20 ga brush. I sometimes hook it up to the drill.


The first nut was not a hex head - had to destroy it to get it out.


The new nuts should all be hex head.


mudhen - CA

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