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Finally the proud owner of a SBE II


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Hi everyone, I now feel that I am worthy of using this forum.


I picked up my left handed SBE II and can hardly wait until waterfowl season but I do have a few questions.

  1. Does the gun loosen up with use? Right now I have to push the chamber closed when I put a shell in. Is this normal? My buddy has had the same gun for a few years and when he pushes the butten it closes for him.
  2. Does any one have any pointers for me to break this gun in?
  3. What loads and chokes shoot best out of your SBE's? I will be hunting waterfowl and turkeys mostly but will probably take it with me on a deer hunt this year. I know that every gun is different but I am sure that there are some loads that seem to perform well for everyone. I don't want to buy a bunch of shells to pattern and then end up with a bunch of shells that I don't like laying around. Can you offer me a starting point?

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Brainfart, when I realized that it wasn't normal I found the problem. It wasn't the gun it was me. Thanks for letting me know it wasn't normal it was obvious what the problem was. I would say what it was but it is embarrassing.

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