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  1. Call Benelli customer service - they have a good track record of making things right.
  2. You can get 3 round magazines directly from Benelli USA at their on-line store. Not sure they make a 10-round mag for the 300 Win Mag.
  3. http://www.benelliusa.com/ Street prices will be a bit lower than the MSRPs that they list on their website.
  4. Saw this blurb (below) this morning on the Outdoor Wire. Good news, the bill has been dropped from consideration for this year. Following an outpouring of opposition, the California Assembly's Appropriations Committee has pulled SB249 from their hearing calendar. Originally scheduled for Thursday, the removal of SB249 from the calendar means it is effectively dead for the year. We are told by our sources that Assembly staffers said the decision was the result of grassroots opposition. As one staffer said, "you really unleashed the dogs this time." SB249, if enacted, would have p
  5. Get in touch with Benelli customer service. They'll help you out. (800) 264-4962
  6. Get in touch with Benelli customer service, they'll help you out.
  7. If it continues to give you trouble after re-assembly call Benelli customer service. They'll help you out.
  8. Call Benelli customer service. They'll help you out.
  9. Maybe it was just an oversight by a moderator. I've seen plenty of negative comments on here never get deleted.
  10. Think you emailed Italy, not the US importer who you'll have to contact. Saw this number on the ubert-dot-com site: 800-264-4962. Hope that works for you.
  11. Not sure who you spoke with but they misinformed you. I was concerned enough about it to call customer service. The CS person I spoke with said that shooting 5.56 Nato through your MR1 does not void the warranty.
  12. Try Benelli USA online store. Looks like they are starting to expand what they offer.
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