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how good is this rifle

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I have been thinking of buying one of these rifles----however I do have some concerns and was wondering if anyone here could help with my decision?


I would really like the 308, but suspect I must but the '06 rifle with the 308 as an extra---with that said how reliable is this rifle?

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PA woods hunting, it should be fine.

It's not a rifle for shooting bean fields and alfalfa lots at 300 yards +, but you'll have no trouble with deer-sized game at 50-200 yards.

I wouldn't look for a lot recoil reduction from such a lightweight rifle. If you're currently shooting a .308 and you're looking for recoil reduction then you may need to hit the gym.


IMO, the Browning BAR Shortrac in .308 would be a better choice, but the Benelli is OK.

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When compared to a bolt action rifle the R-1's felt recoil is less.


Your statement is vague and misleading.

Compared to a bolt action rifle of equal weight and barrel length, the R1's recoil will be slightly less, because some gasses are bled off to cycle the action. This is a very small amount.


The rest of the raw recoil equation is a simple matter of physics. The heavier a rifle, the less recoil energy is transported to the butt. Felt recoil is reduced with the use of recoil pads by amortizing the recoil energy over a longer time period.

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