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Another thread about M4 Factory Spare Parts


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I did some digging, and the consensus seems to be that you can only obtain factory replacement parts from an authorized benelli dealer.


Has anyone discovered an online benelli authorized dealer that sells replacement factory parts for the m4? I've contacted Cal's but have not gotten an answer yet, and it is not listed on their site.


I ask because I want a replacement trigger group. As I've said before in other threads, I beleive I have a defective trigger group, as it wobbles side to side and just doesn't feel like a trigger should.


I am trying to avoid sending my trigger group back to benelli for replacement, as I have no idea how long this will take and I want to have my shotgun in working condition at all times. As such, I am willing to buy a whole replacement trigger group just to avoid being without a working m4.


Any information? Anyone?

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Sorry Duggan. It appears the answer is no. Brownells is the only source I know of and I emailed them to see if they know if and when they will ever will get parts for newer models but I would guess they are at the mercy of Benelli supplying them, as we are. I'll let you know if they reply.


I'm not sure a new trigger group would be any better. Have you had any functioning problems with it?

If you are worried about the side to side play of the trigger in the housing I don't think you need to be. Mine is the same. As is my SBE II and other makes of shotguns and as a smith I can tell you all guns require some amount of play in their mechanisms to account for temperature differences and reliable function. If the housing will contract in cold temps and expand in warmer temps it could conceivably malfunction in either condition if it is too tight. It only takes a few thousandths to really screw something up (and I've seen some good ones. probably 50% of my work is trying to figure out what someone else did to f%^& it up because they didn't understand how it works in the first place) and as you know most pump and semi auto shotgun triggers are more complex than say a bolt rifle but nowhere near as complex a O/U or SxS single trigger. They can be a real bear but they have tolerances also.

I can also tell you as a smith that many trigger and bolt group parts are restricted to factory installation, authorized repair centers and certified gunsmiths only due to liability issues. Thank the Trial Lawers for that one.


I believe you said you have an AR and if you check it I believe you'll find some amount of play also but it may be a 2 stage trigger and not as noticeable. Hope this may ease your mind. Obviously I have not seen your gun and if you still feel somethings definitely wrong I'm affraid you'll have to and should do without it for a while and send it to Benelli.


By the way I got my eotech and Larue mount today and can't wait to sight it in. I agree. Its awesome.

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Both of my AR triggers are solid as a rock compared to the play on my m4 trigger. I have a JP single stage trigger set as low as I safely could and a knights armament (I think) 2 stage.


I'm still looking into other sources ... but thanks for the info thus far. I'll post more when I have time.


Glad you like the larue+eotech. smile.gif

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If you happen to find anything, make sure you let us know. I'd certainly like more options for spare parts for my m4.


'course, I'd also like to know where to get one of those 14" barrels I've heard about, too. Guess some things just aren't meant to happen. Not that I'd be able to use it where I am, but hey...I like having the full kit.

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