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SBE II - click no bang


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Hi All,


I have a new SBE II LH that I've put about 250 shells through - half target loads and half Kent Faststeel. On three or four occasions while shooting the 2 3/4 dram target shells, the gun would not fire, but would "click". At first, I thought that it was due to the light loads, but then it happened twice while in the field using the Fasteel. In all instances, it was the first shot, and the bolt was completely in battery. After the first failure in the field, I took the gun home and stripped, cleaned and reassembled the gun and bolt assembly. I thought I had the problem licked, and then it failed to fire again.


Whenever this happened, the primer showed absolutely no sign of being struck. Is it possible that the firing pin is hanging up somewhere/somehow? The duck season has only started here, and I'd hate to have to send the gun back, so I'm hoping there might be a fix that I can have done locally.


Thanks in advance,


Brian :confused:

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Test the firing pin by pushing on the end. If it pops out smoothly, it's fine.


If it does work, then the bolt is not closing all the way.


That can be either operator error by improper shouldering (happens to me when I get lazy), a dirty lock-up area, weak recoil spring, lack of lubrication, bad shells (happened to me with Kent Faststeel - so I stopped using it), etc.


Check for all of the above.


mudhen - CA

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same thing happened to me numerous times with my m1014.. I moved to different shells and made sure not to do the shotgun equivalent of a "limp wrist" and it is working aok now. pablo has it right on, the bolt isnt actually going all the way into battery.

I'm exactly sure what my issue was, but it may have been the use of moly-paste lubricant on the rails. I switched back to a more traditional gun oil so as to not slow the action of the bolt carrier, and made sure the bolt face indents in the breech were free of all debris.



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