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M2 Cycling issue


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Buddy has a brand new M2 he just sighted in for the first time. Shoots great, ejects empty and cylces in new round, but won't fire it. Like the hammer doesn't recock during the recoil process. Can't imagine a slug not having the inertia to properly function the action here.


My brother's suggestion was to drop the trigger group, degrease everything and then oil it all back up before reinstalling.



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My 20ga M1 (same action as M2) has been slow cycling, sometimes not picking up the new shell. Gave it a light cleaning with some improvement... but today I broke it down to small parts. Dropped the trigger group etc and pulled the magazine spring as well. Everything is looking good now and the bolt is cycling fast and lock'n up like new. There was definitely some gunk on the mag spring so after cleaning the mag tube and the spring I expect it's going also going to feed well. I've been shooting this gun for more than ten years so breaking it down and pulling the magazine assembly and trigger group was long overdue.

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