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  1. Fiocchi Areo slugs have done good in every smoothbore I tried them in.
  2. Al_in_Mi

    M2 Cycling issue

    try a differnt type of shell??
  3. I get a kick out of what AG quotes for prices especially on new guns.
  4. asking because I don't have a clue, but do they use birdshot or buckshot for shoots like that?
  5. Brand new, just took it out of the package and set it in the front ramp, never had a nut on it. Fiber optic is a little small for my old eyes. $25 shipped, cash, check, PP. e-mail is best, [email protected] thanks.
  6. Al_in_Mi

    Posting Issue?

    I had that problem a couple of days ago when wanting to post a Hi-Viz sight for sale. still hasn't showed up
  7. Just like this one. http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/pid=42499/psize=48/avs|Manufacturer_1=HIVIZ/Product/BENELLI-SHOTGUN-FIBER-OPTIC-FRONT-SIGHT Sight only has been removed from package and just sat in the front shroud of my M2. Little too small of a dot for my old eyes, so seeing if somebody else is interested. $25 shipped. cash, check, PP is fine. email is best [email protected]
  8. Mark, just ordered a pair. Website listed a EER, but I made a note to send a ER if one of those wasn't avaiable. Later, Al
  9. The 3 that came with my M2 measure Full .685 Mod .705 IC .719
  10. Al_in_Mi

    BlackBore Chokes

    Mark, how you coming on the Crio tubes :>)?
  11. will they still ding us $25 for taking a gun across the border?
  12. they come with a longer spring?
  13. look like the old Active slug, diffently cheap enough to try.
  14. The 3mm x .5mm nut fits both my M2 and M4, with factory and Mepro sights. On these stainless nuts, just a little nylon ring at the top, I'm assuming the nylon nut above is one piece. PM me your addy and I'll drop a few of these stainless ones in the mail to you.
  15. nuts I have are stainless locknuts, not zinc, but found these plain black nylon ones at McMaster Carr http://www.mcmaster.com/#cadinlnord/93369a116/=aksf6y
  16. I have a couple of zinc plated, nylon patched locknuts, I can send you if that'll get you out of a pinch.
  17. does anybody make a fiber opitc front sight for a M4?
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