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  1. OK guys listen up 8 years training, IDPA, and three gun. This is how I lube my guns. Glocks..........................a few drops in the right places 1911s...........................dripping AR15s............................dripping Benelli M4 and M2...........dripping I use Militec......I know, I know "its a dry lube"....bla, bla, bla! All these years and I cannot remember a malfunction ever on any of my guns.....ever!
  2. I learned how to do weak handed loading on my M4. My speed doubled when I built my M2 3g clone with the c-rumed lifter and opened loading port. and as we all know shotgun reloads are the name of the game in 3gun
  3. I personaly think benelli makes near perfect Shotguns. But like anything you need to pick the best tool for the job. If all you have is an M4 then run it for your 3gun matches. If you find the magazine capacity or sights are slowing you down then do what I did. Buy a 21" M2 and build a M2 3gun edition clone. You can do it for around $1600.00 My M4 is for training, and HD. My M2 is for sport. The M4 is a beast, with less felt recoil (gas system) but the M2 is better for the matches. Enjoy
  4. Buy one, lube it up os it is wet, and shoot 50-100 full power loads. Ignore any malfunctions in the first 50. Then keep it wet and she will run even bird shot. Take a class, practice your weak handed reloads and fall in love like we all have. Later Im Erik too
  5. here it is http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/6623349527/in/photostream/
  6. i have one with no rubber grip. $20+ shipping, if you need pics I can send
  7. I had the pad and the post it is attached to separate from the stop. I first called midway usa and they replaced it no questions. If midway had given me the run around i am sure ggg would have fixed it. It happened during its maiden 3gun stage. All good now
  8. I run mine nice and wet, almost dripping........no problems for five 3gun matches. Militec lube, but others work too.
  9. remove carrier, fill out order from from c-rums, send to c-rums with check, wait 10 days for return, reinstall carrier, and practice with no worries of B.T. Easy
  10. Wow it blocked (eye phone). Thats wierd....
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