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Anybody have one?

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As far as I know, the stainless barrel only comes in rifle sights. So, for a duck gun, you'd have to get used to swinging with those.


I have a standard Nova that is my muck gun. I havent' had any problems with rust on it that would make me want to swap out to stainless. Besides, in MT, if you clean it well, you don't have enough humidity to worry about any serious rust. (Dillon is home for me)

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The tactical barrel is stainless, the 26 inch nova barrel is not. I am not worried about the barrel, I just wanted the action stainless. I am buying it tomarrow so I might wind up with just a supernova. I like the stainless for so many reasons but I don't know if the price is worth it. With the spare barrel and the stainless gun it going to run about $700. The benelli supernova is camo and already has the barrel and only costs about $450 or so. You would be surprised about how wet it is here. I almost went hunting today and it was freezing cold and sleeting, so thats why I was looking into stainless. I know several people here that have novas that are plenty happy with them. I'll make up my mind tomarrow.

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If you just bought it and it has rust, return it. At the very least, take it back to the store and make them clean it up (or give you a good discount).


As for regular lube and rust-prevention, my Nova does well on the Breakfree CLP. Good stuff.


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