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slug barrel ???????


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Don't need a rifled barrel to fire a rifled slug, look it up. I was wondering about this just last night and found some good reads on the subject in this very forum, and then I thought of how it works in tank guns. Original M1 tanks used a license built British Royal Ordinance L7 105mm rifled barrel, but soon then switched to a license built German smoothbore Rheinmetall 120mm L/44 on the A1/A2 tanks. If you want a good read look up the M1028 anti-personnel canister brought into service soon after the US invaded Iraq in 2003. It basically fires 9.5mm tungsten balls out of the muzzle in a shotgun like effect out to about 600m. Think of the Benelli M4 as a smoothbore "personal" tank gun.

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A rifled barrel is needed to fire a shotgun sabot slug accurately. Unlike a regular slug that has most of its weight up front, a sabot slug is more like a rifle bullet and will not be nearly as accurate when fired from a smoothbore shotgun. We did some tests and at 50 yards various sabot slugs fired from smoothbore shotguns had groups nearly 2.5 times that of the rifled barrel with many of the slugs keyholing and others not even hitting paper at that distance.


I imagine Benelli doesn't have a ghost-ring rifled barrel because there isn't much call for one. Most ghost-ring sights are on defensive/offensive type shotguns and a rifled barrel probably isn't the best on a gun that is called upon to shoot various types of defensive loads. The rifled barrel is more of a specialized, hunting-type shotgun barrel probably gets a scope mounted on it more than not. My take anyhoo.

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