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KZ Benelli M4 Ambidextrous Sling Adapter, opinions? Or other options


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I have the KZ Ambi sling adapter fitted with a Mesa Tactical Urbino tactical stock. I primarily use the MAGPUL MS2 sling in a 1-point sling arrangement. With the Surefire M90 forend, added MAGPUL's Rail Sling Attachment (RSA) allowing 2-point sling arrangement. The MAGPUL MS2 sling clip rides smoothly in the KZ Ambi adapter when shifting shooting shoulders.

Be careful with sling clip types because some will hang/catch when doing a tactical shift; for example, even though the MAGPUL MS2 works great for me, MAGPUL's MS3 sling clip will bind when shifting shooting shoulders.

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Thanks for the info...is the KZ sling adaptor a sturdy unit? Doesn't obstruct or distract your view...any other pros or cons you'd like to mention?

Does not interfere with sight alignment. I've inadvertantly hit the KZ sling adaptor on surfaces a couple of times with no damage. The fact the KZ sling adaptor sticks up can cause snagging on loose items when manipulating the weapon; just be aware - no more of an issue than dealing with an optic sticking up (e.g. Aimpoint T-1).

As already pointed out, the KZ adaptor must be compatable with your stock selection or any future selections being considered.

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