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help an old guy out... just a little info


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Hey all... I had a Benelli Montefeltro...it's the gun I always refer to as, "The gun I never should have sold in the first place." LOL I loved that shotgun. So I want another. I loved everything about the Montefeltro. But I could be convinced to like a synthetic perhaps more. I can't tell, is there another Benelli model that is basically a synthetic Montefeltro? Or what would the best bet be in that regard? Same or very similar action, ease of use, etc? I promise, once I but the next one, I won't sell it!


I should edit to say... I haven't hunted in years, but I did use it for upland and water and might again. I live in Texas now, where I used to live in North Dakota. I'm primarily interested in recreational clay shooting. Skeet or sporting clay, a few times a year.

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Except for the M4, all the semiautos use basically the same action and operate in the same manner. If it was me, I would go with a M2. You could go with higher-end models but, IMO, there's really no need unless you just like spending more money.

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