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m4 or m2


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Im in the market for a new shotgun and ive narrowed it down to these two but now im stumped. Ive never owned a semi auto sg before, only pumps. Which one of these two would be more reliable with cheap target loads? I wouldnt shoot that all the time but when i did i would want the gun to function properly. Its my understanding that the inertia system was benellis claim to fame and the m4 if thes only gas gun they make. So which of these systems is considered the best? I can only buy one and i want to get it right the first time. What are the pros and cons of each? Ive already read alot but i figured the best place to get honest info on benelli shotguns would be the benelli forums. Thanks guys.

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Which one of these two would be more reliable with cheap target loads?

The M4 will handle really light loads better than the M2. The M2 is inertia operated... too weak a load and the gun won't cycle.

So which of these systems is considered the best?

There is no "best"... only the gun for the application. The military uses M4s. The M2 is historically the most popular semi-auto in 3-gun competitions. There are practical, logical applications for each.


Do some more reading of actual facts and figures. Be objective about your needs. Most folks in the world would be just fine with a 24" 870... but thankfully, there's a few more to choose from. :p

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I guess you’ll have to decide for yourself but let me tell you about my M2 Tactical. I’ve had it for about a month and have 350 rounds through my gun. It has been 100% reliable even with the 300 low brass Winchester Universal loads I’ve shot through it, they are my fun shooting load that I buy at Wal-Mart. They sell them in their 100 shell value park for around $26.00 I‘ve had not one FTF or FTE with this low brass load. My M2 has an 18.5 barrel the M4 18.5. My M2 holds 5+1 the M4 5+1. My M2 has ghoast ring sights the M4 has ghoast ring sights. My M2 is drilled and tapped for a picatinny rail, the M4 comes with a rail. The M2 is inertia operated, the M4 is inertia gas assest operated. My M2 is my home defense weapon so my M2 gives me all the capabilities I need. You can not go wrong with either one. Good Luck.


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