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Tactical, M4 style furniture of an Ultralight 20ga???

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Hey Guys,


I have a friend who is hoping to find a "tactical" style shotgun for his wife who has "strength issues" both in her upper body and hands. She CAN fire a shotgun but he is hoping to find her one that she can fire and enjoy but with tactical styling like the M4. She prefer to NOT have to shoulder fire and is hoping to use it as more of a close quarters emergency thing and they HAVE handguns and she WANTS a shotgun she can handle without much pain.


I know the Benelli ultralight in a 20 or 28 gauge would probably be very good for her but need to know if anyone knows of any places that sell M4 style furniture for this gun.


Any assistance is appreciated and thanks.


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Honestly, it should be an M4 or a pump, because any of the inertia driven guns have the potential to short cycle without a solid mount--hence the loss of the hip shooting option.


All of my m1's are kind of hit or miss with cycling if I'm fooling around and doing hip shots or extended one-arm shots on claus.

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If she's got upper body strength issues, the M4 is way to heavy. Any of the 20 or 28 ga. Benellis are too long (IMO) for close quarters. My opinion based on the criteria you have provided:



Gotta have "tactical"? Try this:




Both come in 20 ga. Or go 12 with low recoil buckshot or slugs.

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As I stated, the M4 was never an option but thanks for the input guys. I think he is going to look in the Akdal or maybe Saiga 20ga direction for her. She still wants to have fun with it but just has bad arthritis and isn't very strong apparently so we've whittled things down a bit and he's going to do some looking in his area along those lines.




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