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Super Black Eagle II vs. Super Vinci


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I just spent 30 minutes typing out a nice post and somehow it all got deleted so I'm going to paraphrase this again as best I can.


I'm not sure if this has been beat to death, but my search only revealed some threads from over a year ago and I'd like to get some updated opinions now that the SV has been out for awhile.


Been shooting a Supernova and am wanting to get my first autoloader when I get home from the holidays; looking to pick one up for the last month of this duck season. It will be primarily used for dove and duck with the occasional quail. Pheasant and geese are definitely planned for the future, and turkey might be as well...just not really a desire for that right now. Both guns shoulder and swing great and there is no discernible difference to me between the two.


What I like about the SV:

-Button layout (shell release button in good spot, safety similar to my Supernova)

-Fore end felt better in my hand

-Easy breakdown

-No recoil assembly in the stock


What I like about the SBEII:

-SBE's have been around for damn near 30 years

-I think it's aesthetically more pleasing than the SV

-I can buy an swap barrels

-.....that's pretty much it and it's a big pro for the SBEII



What concerns me:

-Don't like how easy it is to pinch your thumb loading shells with the SBEII

-SV is still a relatively new design

-SBEII button layout is a little awkward (but this can all be learned) with the rear safety and the shell release lever where I'm used to the safety...what happens if I accidentally press it right before I shoot?

-I don't know why it bothers me that the SBEII has a recoil assembly in the stock, but it does.


I posted on a few other forums and I actually keep hearing multiple places that the SV "kicks like a mule" and that it definitely has noticeably more felt recoil which really hurts the speed of the follow up shots. Is the SV really this bad?


For those that own one or both or have had the opportunity to shoot one or both, which do you say is truly the better gun?


Sorry for all the questions, but $1500 is a lot to spend on a gun, so I want to make sure I get it right the first time since I can't shoot them.

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Either is a fine choice.

The SBEII is a proven design for durability and reliability. I've had mine for 6-7 years and zero problems.

The buttons are easy to get used to and I prefer the safety button to be in the rear of the trigger guard.

The thumb thing is a non-issue in my opinion. People just need to learn how to load their weapons.


I might try a SV one of these days, but my SBEII gives me no reason to consider it right now.

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Thanks for the response...I was talking with a friend about it for a bit last night and I think he made me realize at heart I really just want a reliable, soft-shooting autoloader that can eat any size shell I want to feed it. The SV is new and I've heard multiple places the recoil is noticeably heavier. As you mentioned, buttons can be learned and favoriting one over the other that has every other check mark is foolish. The SBEII is back in the lead, but I still want to go give them both a good look over again to make sure I wasn't ignoring every aspect of their feel when I mounted them to make sure it isn't awkward and I didn't notice.


Just curious since you're an owner. Is it possible to re-engage the safety after you've fired with your thumb without adjusting your grip too much? Or how do you personally click the safety back on?

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I went through this same process for a year myself. I purchased a SBEII in August for my hunts this fall. I love the gun, but have not shot a SV, I don't know anyone with one. I also have a Benelli Ultra Light, I had some pinching issues with that when I first got it a few years ago, but I think I must have adjusted to how I load shells, as it doesn't seem to be an issue at all. And I don't experience it with the SBEII. So, I think you adapt if it's an issue for you. I don't use my thumb to re-engage the safety. I use my index finger after removing it from the trigger. Always have for as long as I can remember shooting, I think I was taught that way. Crap, that's like 40 years now. Thanks for making me feel old......

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