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Trade you my SNT stock for your Comfortech?


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I saw another guys post yesterday about selling his collapsible SNT and it got me thinking....


I bought my Supernova Tactical with a 14" barrel a few months ago and I love it. I purchased it as a range toy that sleeps in my gun safe. (No need for home defense here!

I get a LOT of remarks at the gun club about this Zombie Cannon! I have no need for the collapsible stock, but wouldn't mind the more conventional stock. It is still in new condition, with no wear, or scratches....basically brand new.


If you've got a Comfortech stock in 'like new' condition I'd be willing to trade you. We would each pay our own shipping. I don't want any extra money for it, just an even trade seems fair.


Disclosure..... I live just over the Niagara Falls border in Canada. Over here we can have a 14" barrel and collapsible stock right over the counter.....no problems. I know the US laws are somewhat different. I have a shipping receiver in Niagara Falls, New York, USA that you could send the Comfortech to. (I buy a lot of stuff... cheaper from US)

I would mail the collapsible from USPS

This would eliminate customs issues (duty/taxes/paperwork)

Photos on request, too.



Please PM me or email me at the below address if you're interested.


(first part of email is) karldroberts

(second part is) @hotmail.com


(trying to foil the spambots!)

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