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SBE II stock locking plate orientation


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First post here; glad to be a member of the forum.


As of last night, I’m the proud new owner of a Super Black Eagle II. In prior experience as a new gun owner, it’s usually wise to do a couple of things right out of the box. Read the manual and take the gun apart to clean it of residue. The second step has also always helped me get a good working knowledge of how the gun operates. The second step is also the cause of the issue I’m currently struggling with a bit.


After taking it apart and cleaning everything, I was re-assembling and managed to get everything back together correctly – with one exception. The stock locking plate. This is the little metal plate inside the stock close to the recoil pad. It orients the stock – along with the shims that come with the gun. You guys already know this. Well this little plate fell out and I don’t know how it goes back in.


My understanding is that there is a specific orientation this plate needs to be in. This leads me to my question. What is the right way to put the plate back in?


As I see it, there is 4 ways the plate can go in there. I.E top to bottom can be switched and the plate could be flipped over and inserted one way or the other. So – four ways. The plate has a hole through it that sits closer to one side than the other (L to R) and closer to one end than the other (Top to bottom). I am a right hand shooter and this is a right hand gun. I’m not attempting to make any stock adjustments. I just want it to be back the way it came from the factory.


I know there are letters on the plate. DX is right hand. So do I orient the “DX” that’s printed on the plate on top? Are there letters on both sides of this plate? Any help or PICTURES would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks guys,


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same thing happened to me, can't remenber how i put gun together but it fits me real well and i shoot it very good.

my best guessis the R will give a slight right to the cast and a L will give a slight left cast. The hole orientation up will lower the drop slightly and the hole orientation down will bring the drop up slightly????

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There are actually two of those metal plates. They determine right or left cast. One was already installed in the gun and there's probably a little plastic baggie in the shotgun case that has another metal plate and some plastic shims. First, you need to take a look at the plastic shims that are already sandwiched in between the front of the stock and the rear of the receiver. These shims will help determine how the metal plate was oriented originally.


One of those shims determines cast, left or right (SX or DX). The others will have a single letter (A, B, C or Z). This one determines drop and will help you figure out which way the metal plate was oriented. Whatever letter that shim has on it will correspond to the single letter stamped on the metal plate. For example, if the shim has a "B" on it, then you want to orient the metal plate so that there is a B at the top of the plate. Same if it was a A, C or Z. That same letter should be at the top of the metal plate when installed in the stock. You also need to make sure the other plastic shim, SX or ZX, is installed properly oriented so it will correspond to the SX or DX on the metal plate.

It will be easier just to tell you how to put the thing back together. Look at the two shims between the stock and the receiver. One has the single letter on it. Slide that over the recoil tube with the letter facing backwards so you can read it. Now put the other shim on. It has SX on one side and DX on the other side. If you're right handed, slide it down onto the top of the other shim with the DX facing backwards. Now slide the stock back on the recoil tube. Now you're ready to orient the metal plate.

Orient the metal plate so you have the single letter, A, B, C, or Z of the first shim and the DX of the second shim at the top facing the rear. Slide it over the recoil tube stud and put the nut on and tighten it down. Make sure the ribs inside the stock are inside the cut-outs at the top and bottom of the plate before you tighten it down.

If you use or orient the plate in such a way that it doesn't correspond to the letters on the shims, you could end up warping the mounting of the recoil tube in the receiver which is why it's important to make sure that each piece you install goes with the others.

These are all the shims and the two metal plates. The metal plates are lettered on both sides. The one plastic shim with two letters is also marked on both sides.



As an example. I'm a lefty so I want to be using the pieces with "SX". I'm also using the "B" drop shim. So, first I put down the "B" shim at the back of the receiver with the letter facing the rear. On top of that, I put the "SX" shim with the letters facing the rear. Now I put the stock back on. Now I find the metal stock plate that has a "B SX" on it and I orient those letters to the top and facing the rear and put it back in place inside the stock, add the nut and tighten. Simple, no?


Hope this helps.

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