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benelli SBE2 stock lengths ?


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I have a friend that just purchased a new sbe2 , he was comparing his gun to an older one and found a difference in the stocks.. The overall length was the same , however the new gun had a shorter recoil pad and longer stock than the older one . The older gun had a longer recoil pad and shorter stock . Remember both are the same length over all .. Why was this change made and when ?? Thanks

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Try to make this short...someone in Italy was not paying attention to detail. Initially, all the SBEII, M2's had the long pad on them. It just happened to be that the long pad was on the long stock. So, if someone tall wanted a longer LOP, they couldnt get it. Finally someone woke up, after enough complaints and realized...WOW I guess us Italians aren't gods! We goofed! We will have to make the stock longer so the 3 LOP's we advertise can be achieved. This changed about 1 to 1 1/2 years ago. Now the new stocks are longer with the shorter, middle length pad (to keep the std LOP) and it CAN be made longer or shorter as one may need. Hope this helps.

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