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When storing my gun (SBE I) in the Benelli hard case, if the bolt is all the way forward, it doesn't fit very well...it hits on the plastic of the case slightly. So, whenever I put my gun away, I take the bolt all the way off the gun and place it in one of the "trays" in the case.


1) Would it be okay to leave the bolt in the "cocked" position or would that damage the spring in the stock?


When I remove the bolt, the trigger is cocked. I gently release the trigger so as not to let it slam all the way forward.


2) Again, would leaving the trigger in the cocked position damage anything...or should it always be "fired" prior to storing?


I plan to get a soft-case at some point so I don't need to keep taking my gun down each time. Once I put the sling on, it will become somewhat of a hassle to disassemble for storing.


Happy hunting/shooting,


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Originally posted by crazyhair:

how is this different than wipeing a barrel down with breakfree?

I am not saying you should substitute the Inhibitor system with leaving a layer of gun oil on the gun. I am saying use both.


Go to the Inhibitor link to get the explanation.


Regards threeshot

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Dump the Mattel case!

either a good sealed case, or gun cabinet in a cool dry place.

I clean well, use a rust inhibitor, and a silicone gun sock just in case it bangs into another gun. My wife moaned but the gun cabinet left the basement and is in a above ground closet with a can of silica ( can be recharged) moisture absorbant in the cabinet. I also have a dehumidifier in the summer months in my storge area.

Few guns are investments but are tools that have a fixed life with usage. Once rusted the guns are never quite the same.

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