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New M4 and break in.


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I have shot about 100 light loads with issues just about every other one and then saw that I need to shoot heavy.


I shot about 100 Heavy loads without issues, well maybe a 4 FTE out of 100, but other than that, one after another.


So I went back to light loads and FTE every other one.


How much longer and should I send it in to Benelli?




Not that I think it matters but I have the collapssable stock by Promag

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The number varies from one gun to the other, but the general consensus is that it takes "several" hundred shells. You can minimize the number by shooting magnum shells. In the case of my M4, it wasn't till around the 300 round count that it began to reliably fire light loads.


I don't think sending it back to Benelli is a good idea since they don't warrant the M4 to shoot target loads in the first place. Most Benelli shotguns will, in time, shoot all but the lightest target loads, but Benelli doesn't guarantee this.


Here's a statement from the Benelli web site:

Minimum Recommended Load: Use 3-dram, 1-1/8-oz. loads in all Benelli 12-ga. semi-auto shotguns

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Did you clean and lube your M4 before you shot it. I took mine apart and cleaned it, lubed it with the provided oil, and reassembled it. I started out with 5 3" #4's, that was all the heavy rounds I had, then I put 100 Federal low brass #8's from Walmart thru it and never had a failure of any kind. I even did a few quick as I can mag dumps and had no problems. I'm up to 350 rounds now and it has been perfect. I don't know if i've just been lucky or if the liberal lube on the bolt group is the difference. I hope you can get yours to run right. They are a lot of fun to shoot when they run good.

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I don't own a M4 (yet) but have had awesome results using a product called Eezox to lube my gun stuff. Be careful on triggers though. I have a Remington that the trigger would not adjust and was gravely. I lubed it and it now breaks like an icicle a 1.5#



I used a drop of Eezox on my Tru Ball release and it would not hold to draw my bow.

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