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  1. Did I see somewhere that Kip is a disabled Vet or something? Or do I have him confused with someone else?
  2. I'm sorry, is this thread about Carrier Comp parts or 1911's? All that is missing is a reply quote of the pictures... I ordered my Carrier Comp tube and patiently waited several months for it to arrive. During that time my encounters with zombies and home invasions were minimal and I was able to defend my castle adequately with the stock mag tube w/o issue.
  3. I use carb cleaner on the metal parts and lube with a product called EEZOX. The stuff is fantastic. I have some cheap federal target loads that are 3dr eq and 1-1/8oz shot as I recall. It cycles them fine, but high power rounds are said to be best reliability. I believe that my first round cycled the tube did not feed, but after that it was fine.
  4. Got my mount today. Installed and ready to go. With my std 18.5" barrel the spill from the light hits back face of the front sight so I suppose I'll have to make a blinder for it. If you want a simple, no nonsense, inexpensive ( I also plan to test with my much more expensive Maelstrom MMR-X that will recharge via USB onboard.
  5. Mine is due in today or tomorrow. Can't wait! As for gripping the light try a bit of 3m Vetrap bandaging tape. http://www.3m.com/product/information/Vetrap-Bandaging-Tape.html This non adhesive wrap works well for dumbing down rattling sling swivels etc. It stretches well and clings to itself. Always good to have some on hand if you have pets as well and I see no reason that it couldn't be used on humans. That is the cheap solution. The more expensive solution is for AVAT to mill in oring grooves in the mount and/or strap. Short pieces of oring could be embedded in each half. It would have to be glued in place unless somehow it could be "packed" in.
  6. Did you strip it and clean the mfr oils from it yet?
  7. A quick search on "M4 cycling issues" will result in many threads and many simple solutions. I did not read the part where you stripped and cleaned/lubed the gun before shooting? If not then that is what you need to start with. Good ammo, a good shoulder, and clean with proper lube are prerequisites along with the recommendation of using "stout loads" while breaking in. FWIW mine has less than 20 rounds thru it and it shoots cheap Federal target loads fine.
  8. TD-Max

    M4 light mount

    Should be in touch next week.
  9. TD-Max

    M4 light mount

    Am I seeing correctly that in this pic the one band is grasping the tailcap and the other is "floating" over the body?
  10. TD-Max

    M4 light mount

    Yeah, 1.75 would probably be TFB anyhow. The Maelstrom is 1" diameter at tailcap and the tailcap is 1" long. The main body is .94x" The beauty of this light is that it is USB rechargeable so no need to unscrew anything.
  11. TD-Max

    M4 light mount

    You are correct, the diameter is the bezel. I have my Mitutoyo caliper at my side, just need to get the light in my hands. to measure. I would assume that a 1.75" bezel would interfere? I have a nice light with 1" body and 1.75" bezel that throws an awesome field of light.
  12. TD-Max

    M4 light mount

    Is it just me or is the copy/paste function disabled here? I as find that typing in this forum gives me fits. Seems it wants to skip characters unless I use very deliberate keystrokes. Another similar Vb forum gives same results. I'll have to see about measurements but foursevens Maelstrom Regen MMR-X is the light.
  13. Ask and ye shall receive I guess AVATech did it for us.
  14. TD-Max

    M4 light mount

    Definitely has my interest piqued. Back in the weapon light mounting options suck thread I actually called this one. Both mounting to the barrel band an the figure 8 design. I'd prefer a hinge pin top for a cleaner look, but looks nice to me. I have a new Maelstrom Regen MMR-X that would go good on there.
  15. TD-Max

    M4 light mount

    Has anybody tried the Elzetta ZSM Tactical polymer mounting system? Not much for details, but it looks pretty sweet.
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