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Just thought I'd say hello!


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As the title says, just saying hello. My name is Matt. I'm 20 years old and I live in Pennsylvania. I've been wanting a gun for awhile now and was going to save for a pistol for when I turned 21, but decided to go with a shotgun. The choice came down between a Mossberg 500 (friend owns one and loves it) and the Benelli Nova. I ended up going with the Nova. :)


Anyways, I look forward to owning a great shotgun! :)


Have a nice day y'all!



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"You Chose Wisely" ..... Welcome


Thank you! :) The guy at the counter in Gander Mountain was trying to steer me away from the Nova because, as he claimed, someone returned a brand new one because it completely locked up. However, the guy was also a major tool so I ignored him.

Sadly I haven't even got to shoot it yet, too much snow to get back to the ranges! :(

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I would say if anyone was set on a Mossberg go with a 590, but I would say pick a Remington 870 before the Mossberg. I'm new to Bennili's myself but a big fan so far ... I think the general concensus is lube it good, shoot 100 rounds of heavy duty stuff to break it in and then sit back and enjoy.


I was considering an 870 at first as well, but I couldn't agree with where they put the slide release. Bud with the 500 started with the cheapo field model and now it's completely different. I'm happy I went with the Nova though. Hopefully it performs well for me, which I don't doubt it will! :)

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I first was looking for a Rem 870 marine, then a M4 H20 .... both next to impossible to find. I "settled" on my camo M4 :-)


I hope someday that I get to see what shooting a semi-auto shotgun is like. My gun experience is limited to a one time shooting of a .40 S&W handgun, a semi-auto assault rifle, a .243 hunting rifle, and my friends Mossberg.

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Thanks! Where abouts are ya from, if you don't mind me asking? :)


Northern Pa, Lawrenceville....it's right on the PA/NY border. Sure am glad I'm on the PA side right now and not the NY side, if you kmow what I mean. LOL


I go to Gander Mountain on occasion, I was there about 3 weeks ago and bought a 750 rds of 9mm. They are still expensive on some things. Anyways where do you live??

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