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Anyone tried the Dupo 28 slugs through an M4 yet?


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I've tried the Hexolite32's as well. They're usually what I carry in my M4 at home and when I'm out in the desert. They they are very destructive rounds. The steel slugs do a number on steel targets. I shot one of those throw away helium tanks, and it pretty much folded the tank in half and ripped out the back.


Recoil was pretty mild in my opinion, similar to cheap 2 3/4" buckshot. The height of the brass is deceiving. When I first looked at them, I figured they'd try to dislocate my shoulder.


I shot a car door of an older 50's or 60's truck, and the slug went right through. These older model vehicles had a lot more steel than the current production cars.


There are some videos where they inspected the would channels on bears. They were pretty devastating on meaty targets. Probably a good round for hunting some of the smaller dinosaurs.

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