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Just Bought My First Shotgun and Have Some Questions (SBE 2)

Ryan 1995

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I just purchased a Super Black Eagle 2 with the synthetic comfortech stock. I will have to wait to days to pick it up because im in Cali. Should I break it in with some 3.5" magnums to help it out with lighter loads for skeet? Also, if I want to add a magazine extension, which brand is the best to get? Are there any other upgrades I should look into, such as an aftermarket follower? thanks in advance

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An Inertia gun is a poor choice for skeet shooting, unless you're going to follow the manufacturer's minimum load specifications.

That being said, many have no problems with light loads, after a thorough break-in with heavy field loads.

You don't need 3.5". Just shoot high velocity heavy field loads in 2.75" or 3".

About 3-4 boxes should be a good start.

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I setup a large sheet of paper, at least 36 x 36 and spray paint a 4-5" dot in the middle.

At 30 yards, shoulder and fire the gun three times. Don't aim, just point and shoot naturally by bringing the gun up and firing when on target. Don't fire rapidly. Re-acquire the target for each shot, just like shooting clays or birds.


Examine the pattern density to determine if the bulk of it is high, low, right left. Typically, you want 60% high and 40% low.


If the pattern is low, use a lower lettered shim to raise the pattern.

A will raise the pattern and C will lower it.

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