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MR1 Accessories and Advice


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I was looking into getting a nice .223 semi-auto gun for about a year. Being a college student it has taken me a year to save the money to buy a good quality gun. I had been looking at various AR-15's as well as the Ruger Mini 14. I had made my selection of AR I wanted and that is the same time period the Sandy Hook ordeal took place so of course I couldn't get it. I had gone back to school after Christmas break and 3 weeks or so ago my dad had called me and told me our local shop still didn't have any AR's or Ruger Minis but said they had 2 Benelli MR1's. I have never owned a Benelli but I have heard great things about their shotguns and the ARGO system. After doing some research I told dad to pick one up. So I now own this thing and have never even seen it in person. He picked it up for $985 + tax NEW which is not bad at all. I was wondering if anyone had any info on any accessories for this rifle or any advice for me.

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You will probably get mixed reviews on the MR1 but I want one too. It's a Benelli so they are not cheap but it has the rock solid Argo system. A gun is only as good as it's reliability, which the Benelli's are. There is speculation it's been a flop for Benelli sales wise and it's just a matter of time before it's discontinued.


Can't comment on the accessories etc., I'm sure they are out there just harder to find. I'm jealous.

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A few years ago, heckler&kochp2000 posted a link here to a gent who fit a Supernova collapsible stock to one, after that... good luck finding much in the way of MR1 specific accessories.

Although a typical well made Benelli piece, the gun is pretty much a sales failure for Benelli due to it's incompatibility with most common AR parts, and little to no sales to military... but you got one for a good price, so you did well in that regard with your future collectors item.

Hang on to it and enjoy it... chances are it will be discontinued at some point and as with most things of that nature, it's actual value will only be realized years after it's no longer available.


There is a Guns & Ammo Review here and another at Truth About Guns here.




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I am not looking necessarily to add a bunch of junk to it so the lack of specific accessories doesn't really bother me, I just wondered what if anything was out there for them.

Thanks for all the links. That collapsible stock mod interests me a bit. I am wondering with all the gun-grabber craziness that maybe the sale of these will increase since, as far as I know, they aren't being targeted or labeled as "assault weapons".... Yet.

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