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Benelli M4 model 11703 QUESTION


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Hi everyone , I am new to this forum and just wanted to check in. I just tracked down and purchased a Benelli M4 model 11703 and payed dearly for it. I pick it up next weekend. I along with everyone else who wants this shotgun that has been looking and looking and FOUND one and I jumped on it right away. I read a thread titled "MY M4 BROKE" Now I am a bit concerened that I may have purchased something that I may regret. Does anyone have anything that they can share good or bad about the model 11703 that I should know. Or am I overreacting. Thanks , and it's great to be here. Michael


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I have an 11703 "low recoil" version. It has been in my possession since 11/15/05, with 250 rounds of slugs, including Remington standard 1oz 2 3/4 "Sluggers", as well as Federal Tactical Reduced Recoil rounds cycled through it. I've put another 200 rounds of Remington 00 3" Magnum shells, and Federal Tactical 2 3/4" Reduced Recoil rounds through it.


So far, no problems of any kind... I inspect the weapon after cleaning following each range session, the bolt carrier assembly is showing no signs of cracks. It's a **** fine shotgun, and a pleasure to fire.


Mine was new-in-box, and I've registered it with Benelli as far as the warranty goes. My expectation is that they'll honor the warranty if problems develop, so I'm not worried about what I believe are probably random metallurgical failures with other weapons.


My M4 eats whatever I've fired through it without complaint, and I expect it will continue to do so. I just wish slug rounds were cheaper, so I could use it at the range more often...

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back in the ole days way before Benelli had a internet forum ,,,I purchased a Benelli gas gun,,the 11701,,these are the fullproof models with very good quality control,,,this is the model that an individual could purchase without any worry about its performance and modify or accessorize to thier own personal specs,,,aahhhhhhhhh,,those were the days,,----------M1014 :cool:

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