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Super Black Eagle Bolt


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I just purchased my first Benelli (SBE) and while I was learning how it worked (loading and unloading), I noticed that the bolt wouldn't completely close if I tried to close it by hand (easing the bolt handle forward to minimize the noise) instead of letting it shut on its own by pressing the carrier button. Should I be concerned or is the bolt supposed to close quickly? I owned an 1100 and an 11-87 auto and got used to closing the bolt by pushing the carrier button and easing the bolt forward to minimize the noise.

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hey huntdrk, congratulations on your purchase! You can close your bolt fairly quietly by hand but make sure the bolt does its little twist right before the breech is closed- which locks the breech closed. If the bolt is not completely closed and locked, the gun won't fire. If you watch closely, you'll see this little twist as the breech is closed. It's really no big deal to do once you get used to doing it. Play with it a while and you'll see how easy this is to do and to make sure the bolt has rotated and locked, it just takes a little getting used to -good luck!

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kudos for noticing the problem, i must have let a dozen ducks fly away cause i didnt have action all the way closed. now i just let it slam shut but in a tight sopt turkey hunting or something it could be a problem. its an annoying problem to have, let me know if you find a way to make the breech twist easier.



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