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Where to buy M1/M2 Barrel


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I am looking for a 24" or 26" matte barrel with a vent rid for a M1 S90 either an M1 or and M2 barrel. Where is a good place to look? Numrich is out as was Brownells. I would like a good price as well.


There use to be a place in the mid-West that had a large stock of Benelli parts for a good price years ago but I don't recall who they were.....ideas?


Suggestions appreciated or if someone is looking to sell a 24" or 26" matte barrel and a vent rib I am in the market.




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Depends on your definition of a good price. Midwest Gun Works lists both the 24 & 26 inch matte/vent rib in stock for $450.http://www.midwestgunworks.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=mgwi&Category_Code=benelli-m2-barrels&view_perpage=all I have a 26 inch M1, matte finish vent rib barrel I may be willing to part with. Just the barrel and the choke that's in it now. I got the gun used but never shot that barrel. Doesn't look like it was shot much before I got it. $300 shipped unless you're in Timbuktu or some other far-away costly shipping destination. PM me if interested.

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