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Benelli M4 Full length tube + ext get them before they ban them


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I am selling diff ones the sec item I am selling is also for the Benelli M4 it is the Ext tube and I will also throw in the spring to go with it for $150.00 and the tube to fit the Ext is also $150.00. shipping is $7.00. not a bad price being as high as they are going for today. you can Email me for Pics if you can use I take paypal Thank you..


(1) --------------> (SOLD) Benelli M4 Full Length Tube 7+1 for $250.00


(2) Benelli M4 Ext for $150.00 + FREE Spring to go with it[ATTACH=CONFIG]2160[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2161[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2162[/ATTACH]

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14 threads started by Techhell. Of those 14 threads, 13 of them are about selling these items, most of which are exact repeats of a thread started 2-3 weeks earlier, then the fear mongering of the impending "ban" started...




It started with some parts for sale in Jan 2012, which turned out to be mag ext and mag tube...:


Then a month later, repeat that thread in a new thread:



Then two months after that a new thread with the same items for sale:



Then the next 8 threads, all titled "Benelli M4 Full length tube + ext", started in Mar 2013 as an every 2-3 week copy and paste fest of the same mag tube and extension thread over and over, not that the first three were really any different. At some point, he sold one of the items but in the "copy/paste" creations of a new thread, didn't even pull out the sold item from the listing or title:










Then the fear mongering about a "ban" started with two more identical for sale threads, again selling the same thing and again being pretty much a copy/paste:




Bottom line is the forum needs a moderator to clean this up...

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