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I'm new to the forum and fairly new to Benelli shotguns. A couple years ago I bought a Benelli M1 from a 3 Gun shooter who was updating to a newer Benelli. The shotgun is in very good condition and has been upgraded with all the performance parts 3-Gun guys use (i have no idea what they are). It's an HK marked M1 Tactical with an 18" choke equipped barrel and rifle sights which is all well and good but since this is my only shotgun i want to be able to hunt birds and shoot skeet/trap with it. The problem is i cannot find a longer barrel anywhere! I need a 24"-26" right hand 12 gauge M1 barrel but i've searched for the last two years running ads, searching online sellers, forums and every other thing i can think of but came up with zero.


I decided recently to just give up but i thought i would join this forum and maybe, just maybe, someone here could point me in a new, more productive, direction. Does anyone have a barrel they would sell or know of a place where i might be able to find one? I love this shotgun, it performs like a dream, but if i cant find a longer barrel she's going to become a safe queen and that's a waste.


If anyone has any kind of advice i would greatly appreciate it!!!! Thanks, Brandi :)

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If I remember correctly a m2 barrel will fit an m1 with just a little modification to the forend. You can buy the barrels direct from benelliusa.com but they ain't cheap. Looks like they are oos now....but sign up to be notified....they come in and out of stock. Impact guns also gets benelli barrels in and out of stock....they have the 28" in stock now

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