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  1. Did you ever try the AR shotlock? Curious to know if it works......debating the same myself
  2. You using federal flite control shells? They tend to run long....as do some of the European shells like Rio and Nobelsport. I love the federals, so what I did was clip about 2 coils off my spring and then i stuff a Fiocci buck shell in first followed by 6 of the flite controls. The Fiocci are about the shortest 9 pellet buck rounds I've found. Also do you have an aftermarket follower in? Some of the aftermarket followers I've seen are much longer than others. I am using one from Dave's metal works. As for clipping the spring....I haven't had any problems, but I do keep a nice virgin wolf spring around just in case.....they are only like 12 bucks, and as far as I'm concerned.....the tube spring is a perishable part that should be replaced every few years anyways just like 1911 mag springs.
  3. Also, looks like the AR version may work....read the print at the bottom https://www.shotlock.com/ShotLock_AR.php
  4. Any of you guys have an extra black synthetic forend for the M1 laying around that ya wanna sell?
  5. Installed the aimpoint micro version yesterday. Makes for a perfect co-witness using the full length field, pistol grip, and fully extended collapsable stock. The middle position on the collapsible stock ends up putting the cheek weld just a little too high. Product is well finished and installation is a breeze. Hope to go shooting tomorrow. Nice Job Scalarworks.
  6. Heh nevermind...my link took me right to the product instead of the huge fancy intro page that clearly shows pictures of the bottom and the 4 screws. Looks like a great product......order placed
  7. The product description says that it mounts to the receiver using 4 screws, but the picture only appears to use 2. Am i missing something underneath the rail? 4 screw mounting was what really had me waiting for this product over the midwest industries mount
  8. Just thought I would bump this thread to see if anyone has ordered or tried one yet?
  9. One thing I have heard about the Urbino for people who don't like the install method: 1) install per the instructions with a screwdriver from the rear. 2) Once the install bolt and washer are installed, pour JB weld down into the stock to cover the bolt and washer 3) once the JB weld is cured, the stock can now be twisted on and off the same way OEM stocks install, and the stock won't come loose from firing. I haven't personally tried this, so take it with a grain of salt. I will say that the LOP on the Urbino is pretty nice for optics, but I think I'm gonna opt for the collapsible stock in the middle position.
  10. Yeah another awesome thing about California is I am not allowed to rock the collapsible stock either:(. I am currently running a field stock because I shoot sporting clays and the field stock is most consistent with my usual " mounting" of the gun for point and shooting. I like the looks of the MI mount....I just wish there were more reviews on the durability of the 2 screw mounting system
  11. Ah....of course I bought my micro as a package deal from larue which included their mount and NOT the aimpoint mount hehe. So something like the LRP Mount? I think the conversion kit assumes you already have the low mount.....I will have o se if I can just get the low mount separately
  12. I'm gonna have to change the mount anyways, because I have the larue high mount already. I have seen the fairly new Midwest industries mount, but haven't seen any reviews or opinions on it.....I am a little skeptical that it goes from 5 screws to only 2 screws holding the mount to the receiver. But I am totally accepting that I will have to get a new mount....I just don't know which ones will work with the out of spec rail, or if there are others that actually replace the rail
  13. I have been out of the loop for a while because I have never felt the need to mount an optic on my m4. Fast forward to current politics in California and the recent assault weapons ban going into effect. I am feeling like I do not want to use a carbine for HD anymore. That being said, what is the best solution currently for mounting an aimpoint t-1 micro? I remember there being issues with the benelli rail not being in spec, and mil spec rails are out of stock from freedom fighter tactical. As far as I know, Kip hasn't produced any rails lately. I know people like different optics for their shotgun, but I do not want to buy another optic....I simply wanna remove the aimpoint from my rifle and place on my M4. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  14. Barrels are very expensive.....roughly 500 bucks when all is said and done. I bought the 21 inch version because it can double as a HD gun....and I bought a separate barrel for clay sports. If you are using it for clays and hunting only..you might wanna look for a longer barreled version, but if it is doing double duty as HD or you think you might get into 3-gun, the 21'inch barrel seems to be all the rage
  15. Seems that the consensus is : yes, it does require break in. I was one of the lucky few who got one that fired everything from low brass birdshot to slugs right out of the box. I did, however, strip it down and lube everything up really well prior to shooting.....I do that with any new gun.
  16. Is it the low recoil or the high velocity buck? The low recoil is pretty soft shooting and may not be powerful enough for break in. I run the HV stuff all the time with no problems
  17. I think I used another really small wrench that was just a little bigger than the front sight blade to hold it centered while I tightened the nut
  18. If I remember correctly it is a 5.5mm wrench......I think I got mine at sears for a few bucks. Also you may want to order a spare lock nut to put back on......removing it kind of messes up the little nylon lock ring. You should be able to get one from brownells http://www.amazon.com/Amico-Silver-Double-Open-ended-Wrench/dp/B008MMAOHW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1392843032&sr=8-1&keywords=5.5mm+wrench http://www.brownells.com/shotgun-parts/sights/sight-parts/front-sight-parts/front-sight-retaining-nut-sku301000502-23654-50339.aspx haha....I just realized, you didn't mention what shotgun it's for.....I just assumed m4
  19. I have both the vickers padded vcas and the viking tactics vtac......they are almost identical in design, but I actually prefer the viking tactics, just seems a little smoother to operate
  20. I've heard nothing but good things about Nordic, but if you are anal about aesthetics and things being symmetrical ( like I am) , Dave's metal works tube finishes exactly flush with the end of my 21 inch barrel. It was a lot cheaper years ago when I bought it, but the price still isn't bad at 75 bucks http://davesmetalworks.com/m12.html .
  21. I've run plenty of the Rio through my m4 also with no issues. Even cheaper than the Federal stuff if you are just slingin it down range to break in your gun. http://www.sgammo.com/product/12-gauge/250-rd-case-12-gauge-rio-275-inch-high-power-00-buckshot-9-pellet-rb129 also, nobody mentioned it yet, but adding an oversized charging handle is essentially adding more mass to your bolt.....probably not a good thing if you are using light loads to try and cycle it. Does your gun have cycling issues with the oem charging handle? Also, did you use your original magazine spring in the new longer extension tube? Maybe your spring is too weak and causing feeding issues, but I thought Kip always included a new Wolf spring with his tubes. I was just lucky and mine cycled light target loads from day 1. Also most of the cycling issues I read about are from people trying to run cheap target loads through it. One thing people forget that they bought a combat shotgun that wasn't designed to be used for killing a thousand doves a day in Argentina....it was designed to shoot high power combat loads. I am happy mine will cycle target loads, but even if it didn't .....I couldn't be mad, because that's not what I bought it for.
  22. Should be......pushing the same weight payload the same velocity.....I would imagine it's the same
  23. No .....it doesn't have the flitecontrol wad and it is pain lead shot.......not copper plated like the LE12700. Also the hulls are a little different. The LE uses a smooth hull and the XM uses a ribbed hull.
  24. They show in stock for me.....click on m4 stock link and then in drop down menu pick standard stock.....shows 11 in stock as of right now
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