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M3 super 90, 18.5in barrel with choke tubes?


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Is there such a beast? From what I am finding online, all the M3 18.5in barrels were not offered with screw in chokes. It appears the M1 had a 18.5in barrel with screw in chokes avalable, but not the M3.


What I have is a M3 super 90 with the 18.5in barrel with rifle sights. I am wanting to install factory ghost ring sights on it, so that would require a new barrel. I figured while I was getting a new barrel, I might as well get one with screw in chokes, only to find out, its looking like they do not make one. It appears they made a 26in barrel for the M3 with screw in chokes, but I do not want the longer barrel, I like it the length it is now.

So is there a M3 18.5in ghost ring sight barrel with screw in chokes, or am I SOL?

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Darn, I was afraid of that.


Now, I wonder if there is any way, shape, or form, that a M1 super 90 barrel could be modded to work on a M3? Comparing pictures, it appears the only difference is the front "ring" or whatever its called (part the retaining nut tightens down aganst)

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Sounds like someone has tried this in the past?


Any idea on how the "rings" are attached to the barrel? Is is welded, brazed, or soldered? I wonder if a M1 barrel could be purchased, the original ring removed, a new one machined to match the profile of the M3, and then the new ring attached to the barrel?


Or, has anyone had a M3 barrel machined for screw in chokes? Is there enough thickness to allow this, or are they too thin?

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Ok, I have three of the first version of barrel; while importation by both H&K INC. and BenelliUSA CORP. The significant difference is the Barrel Extension, with the flared end to ensure the user fully seats the barrel to the receiver and a extended chamber. I assume the M3s imported 2006 or later have the flared barrel and the metal oval selector switch.


I am not certain if Benelli had change the diameter of the barrels between the change of the barrel extensions, but it is a possibility. If the choke tube can fit over the barrel, it is impossible to get it threaded (which is the case of all three of my benelli barrels)

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