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WTB: H&K marked M3 tactical


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Looking to buy a early H&K marked M3 tactical. Must have factory ghost ring sights, 18.5in barrel, 7+1 mag, and the pistol grip stock.


I currently have a H&K marked M3 but it has the standard stock and rifle sights. I LOVE this shotgun but ever since I bought it I have wanted the pistol grip stock and ghost rings sights on it. After pricing a ghost ring sight barrel, pistol grip stock, plus the rear sight and having my reciever drilled/tapped to mount it, I am coming close to half the cost of one with all this already on it. SO I figured I would try and find one, then sell my old one.


Anyone have what I am looking for? I have been watching gunbroker for the last couple weeks but no luck there yet.

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Not sure if I am following your question?

The factory owners manual for my M3 shows 3 different models. It shows the standard, with the rifle sights and rifle stock (like mine), then it shows the tactical, with the pistol grip stock and ghost ring sights (the one I want) and then shows the model with the folding stock (wich I personally do not care for)

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It doesnt have the pistol grip stock, but does have the ghost ring sights.

What does he mean by factory mag extension or stock mag tube? Is it not a one peice tube? The nut holding the barrel on look a little different than mine.

Edit, just noticed it looks like he is in CA, is this some type of a CA specific model that had a shorter mag tube?

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So to my knowledge, that the Vintage Benelli M1 and M3 (H&K Imports) models have the one-piece magazine tube. Which is a borrowed designed from the grandfather that started it all; the M-121.


The design change for the the default short magazine tube made it more practical to reconfigure the weapon capacity; which on the M3 you would have to destroy the plastic forend slide support. You must use a strong solvent or heat to remove the one piece magazine tube, both methods will damage the slide support.


If you notice that most M1 Super 90s imported by H&K have the desirable 2 piece and anodized receiver; the really early ones have the one-piece and ceramic receiver. So this leads me to believe that H&K also imported a few M3s with the 2-piece and it was not changed over. The link above is the second H&K M3 I have seen with the 2-piece tube.


As a side note, Benelli Armi S.p.A. still exports one-piece magazine M3s with the newly designed selector and barrel extension to Europe. It is rather uncommon to find a M3 with a 2-piece tube there. Whereas BenelliUSA Corp. imports M3s with a 2-piece five round tube with the newly designed selector and barrel extension.


EDIT: IF anyone has more info on the mysterious M3 please correct me!

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